OK salary details are in and are as follows.

Assistant Network Manager APT&CSc 6 £20,895 - £22,293 (Pay award pending) FT(37 hrs pw) & All Year Round.

ICT Tech: APT&C Sc3 £14,787 - £15,825 pro rata (Pay award pending) FT(37hrs pw) Term Time plus 3 weeks during school holiday time

Paperwork will be ready early next week. Please e-mail our cover/personnel manager for full info pack. cover@sheldonschool.co.uk

As previously mentioned we are a happy productive team well respected by SMT and other members of staff. Hardware is respected and we have only a few, that we know of , little darlings trying to hack our network or use proxy sites. We are expanding our wireless network and having a new Sixth Form centre built for 2008.

Those without qualification but experience are encouraged to apply. Cheerfulness, flexibility and a sympathetic approach to non technical users is essential.

If you look at the website it's the Head Teachers baby not ours a friend of his built it and the HT updates it. Not very compliant and oftern out of date but it gives you a reasonable overview of us as a school.
Dave M