ICT Support Technician Leeds Area
Starting Salary from £18,000 + (39 weeks a year! ooohh the holidays!)

We are seeking an ICT Support Technician to join our existing and growing school support team in the West Yorkshire area. Ideally a tech from a High School who doesnt like RM, doesnt hate teachers (or can hide it). Must play Battlefield 2 like crazy and has a valid driving license. We look after our team!

The candidate should have at least 2 years experience in a support environment, a full driving license and a good working knowledge of the following which is essential:

- Windows 2000/2003 server
- Windows XP / Windows 7
- Active Directory
- TCP/IP Networking
- Microsoft Office (install not actually write a fancy document)
- Wireless Knowledge
- Server installs and migration

All successful candidates will be subject to a CRB check

Please email you CV to james@primaryictsupport.co.uk