Good Morning folks:

Kettering Science Academy - Vacancy - Vacancies

You need to download the information and apply.

PM me if you have any questions; and YES I am the Network Manager of aforesaid school, I am looking for somebody with solid educational knowledge. I have managed to negotiate reasonable package for this role: but I am not going to beat about the bush here, itís a demanding role with the need to keep rotten old kit running until July 2012.

I wonít be looking at your Edugeek posts before interview, but if you wish to keep your ident private Ė contact the school directly.

I am happy to answer questions directly here. I am also looking to move VERY rapidly on this, so donít hang about if youíre going to apply.


Kettering Science Academy
Deeble Road
NN15 7AA

Tel: 01536 532700
Fax: 01536 532709