Hi all, i'm hoping someone can give me some advice on how I can try and achieve the wage I think is fair for me. I'm currently a NM at a high school in Lancashire and am paid on scale 5. I have been looking around on jobs on here recently and found that a lot of the NM jobs around in other areas are offering anywhere in the region of £25 - £30K a year, the maximum I can earn is £21,500, so you can see why i'm wondering what I need to do to earn this higher wage. I know NM's in the same borough as me that are on scale SO1, which starts at £25,000, or somewhere in that region, so I really don't know why i'm on such a low wage in respect to the other NM's in my area.

Since becoming NM I have implemented new systems, taken on a lot more responsibilities and now line manage 1 tech and am training 1 apprentice. I have not been provided with a job description by the school as they expect me to write my own, but by doing that I think they will be able to tell me that they can then justify what they are paying me by saying "well this is what you do already for the wage you are on" I only say this because it has happened to someone else at our school which i find unfair. I always thought that the employers were supposed to provide their employees with a job description, please correct me if i'm wrong.

Is there a few NM's out there that could possibly provide me with their job description please, so I have an idea of what sort of role I should be doing, so that I can then try and negotiate something after the holidays.

I know we are supposed to be going through the equal pay review sometime next year, but I am feeling a little undervalued for the amount of work I do at the school.