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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Sysadmins teaching too in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; You can be employed as an unqualified teacher or as an instructor. Insurance is the responsibility of the school but ...
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    Re: Sysadmins teaching too

    You can be employed as an unqualified teacher or as an instructor.

    Insurance is the responsibility of the school but it is beneficial if you join a teaching union (in case you school drop you in it and don't support you if something goes wrong).

    You can only instruct for a limited period of time before you have to have some level of recognised qualification ... IIRC it is 3 years, but if you then do the HLTA stuff you can keep going for longer.

    If you have to do this then I would recommend that you try and ensure that there is an upper limit that you get collared for ... and if possible have it confirmed that you will only do it for specified subjects (eg ICT, Media Studies, Music Technology ... you know ... things involving computers!)
    I always wondered about this situation, now i know.

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    Re: Sysadmins teaching too

    Yes, but what the hell are support staff meant to do with a class of 28 screaming kids? .


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    Re: Sysadmins teaching too

    Quote Originally Posted by CyberNerd
    lol, they need Ubuntu CE - christian edition (what would jesus download.com )
    Too funny. I like the look of Linux for Christians better - some great quotes on there. Based on KDE too - my prefferred GUI.

    I've 'helped out in class' a lot. Reallt like doing it, but I wouldn't give up my day job.

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    Re: Sysadmins teaching too

    The side of me that has a degree in theology so wants to come down on you all with some very deep thoughts on your comments. But I think it would be coming down...;-)

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