Salary: Not Specified
Location: North Yorkshire
Job type: Permanent
Date posted: 24 Sep 2005 6:05:06 PM
Job description:
Provisional Job Description and Person Specification

Job Title : Network Manager (Full time).

Salary : Scale 5 (£17,922 £19,656) depending on experience

Responsible to : Deputy Headteacher

Supervises : 1 full time ICT technician,

Job Purpose : To promote effective teaching and learning throughout the school by the efficient and effective deployment of ICT resources.


Following the previous Network Managers decision to move into teacher training, this post offers an excellent opportunity for the successful candidate to continue the developments in hardware, software and use of ICT which have characterised the school over the last few years. Improvements in ICT have been an integral part of the schools specialist Engineering status, and the school is actively seeking to be at the cutting edge of ICT use in education.

Staff in a selective girls school are spared some problems faced by colleagues in more difficult areas, but the rewards of working with able pupils and their parents present their own challenges, and expectations of staff are extremely high.

The school presently has a network of some 200 PCs with LINUX and Windows NT Servers. All teaching spaces are networked, and we are expanding wireless connectivity in parallel with the physical network. We currently have a level of remote external support for the network, the continuing level of which will depend on the experience of the new Network Manager. The school has a 2Mb broadband Internet connection which we are aiming to increase as the level of Internet traffic within the school rises. Workstations currently run Windows XP (in a few cases Windows 98). There are a number of laptops running Windows XP. Almost all teaching staff have a laptop for their personal use (as will the successful candidate); these are supported by the Network Manager and ICT Technician along with the rest of the network.

The school has an Intranet, which the Network Manager has responsibility for, as well as a website. We also have an externally supported extranet which can be accessed by staff, parents, pupils and governors.

We have experimented with thin client terminals at various locations around the school; the successful candidate will be a part of the decision making process as far as this aspect of our development is concerned.

In co-ordinating the development of ICT across the school, the Network Manager will be supported by one full time technician, and will be responsible to the Deputy Headteacher.

General Duties and Responsibilities

1. To contribute to the distinctive ethos of the school, as laid down in its Mission statement in all areas of contact and responsibility, in relationships with staff and pupils.

2. To support and follow the policies and procedures set out in the Staff Handbook and as directed by the Governing Body.

3. To work collaboratively with suppliers, external support and the LEA to achieve the agreed aims of the school.

4. To be prepared to appraise junior colleagues. To participate fully in the Schools Performance Management process and to take advantage of opportunities offered for professional development.

Key Tasks

The following routine tasks will be the responsibility of the Network Manager. Training will be made available to help the Network Manager keep up to date but he/she will also be expected to use initiative to learn new skills and gain knowledge as these become important to the development of the school's technological infrastructure.

The following indicate some of the principal tasks and responsibilities (to be carried out in conjunction with the ICT Technician:

Network Management

Ensure secure operation of the network maintaining accessibility and convenience for users within the constraints of appropriate security.

Manage all e mail accounts.

Minimise down time and inconvenience to user

Work to achieve best value for money in terms of purchasing and maintaining systems

Maintain an inventory of software and hardware

Repair any damage and report any misuse of the system to the ICT Manager

Develop existing systems and assist in preparation of new applications.


Liaise with staff to support curriculum development with appropriate software.

Install, configure and test new software and assist in preparing reports of results.

Ensure software is accessible by appropriate users.

Provide training for staff on software applications.

The software used at present across the school includes the following:

Microsoft Windows XP (and some 98)

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Microsoft Office 2000

Open Office

SIMS (supported by NYCC)

As well as a variety of specific graphics, data logging and subject specific packages.


Handle the installation and delivery of new computer equipment on arrival and notify suppliers and Deputy Headteacher of deficiencies prior to deployment.

Ensure efficient deployment of computer hardware around the school in line with school policy and in response to the Deputy Headteacher.

Maintain peripheral items including printers and scanners.

Keeping a log of all technical faults.

Ensure prompt action for the repair of equipment under warranty or maintenance contract.

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