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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Job Enquiry in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Quick question to all you network managers. Im just about to finish my university course and thus i need to ...
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    Job Enquiry

    Quick question to all you network managers.

    Im just about to finish my university course and thus i need to find a job now. Im looking through the various websites and such but im also thinking of taking a different aproach and emailing local schools network admins. If any of you admins were to get an email from someone asking about jobs would you just dismiss it or would you take the time to look through it and reply ? just wondering if its worth my time to email them all. Thanks

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    If I got an email asking if there were currently any jobs available, I would either reply "sorry, not at this time" or direct them to the advertised job on website/in newspaper.

    Either way I wouldn't ignore it, that'd be rude (at least to me!)

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    Unless it's borderline spam, I would always at least manage a few lines in response!

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    I've recently received an e-mail from someone volunteering one day a week to gain some experience whilst doing a course at college. No harm in one day a week. Will probably take them on...

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    We're after someone but the head cant find the budget apparently. Even tho we do have the money for another 100 machines this year...

    Both me and my boss did work experience before we got the jobs (at different times), and it really is worth it - lots more hands on experience and lots of school politics to observe. We have had 5 work experience since the start of this academic year one is now one day a week.

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    I always reply but I am annoyed that the ones I have offered work experience to often never email again - probably because they got a better offer from a bigger school. But that is so rude

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