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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Junior Programmer - Interview Questions in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi All, I have a telephone interview tomorrow for a Junior .Net Developer position with a CAD Software company. I ...
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    Junior Programmer - Interview Questions

    Hi All,
    I have a telephone interview tomorrow for a Junior .Net Developer position with a CAD Software company.
    I have been trying to sidestep into software development for a while now, and after giving up (believing I hadn't got the right quals and exp), got a call off of an agency. My CV after the paper sift has made the final 3, and I will be getting a call from the Technical Manager tomorrow for an interview that will, I am told, be highly technical.

    My problem is, I have no direct experience with VB or C#.net, and haven't programmed in anger since University.
    The job is listed as a junior, so I assume theu will want someone with a sound programming knowledge, whom they can mould. So I am spending the whole of today working through VB 2008 for Dummies and hoping that they are willing to take a risk on me and train me up.

    Anyone know any questions that I should anticipate? And anyone hazard a guess what level of technical expertise they may be expecting?

    I'm suffering a real crisis of confidence here, and worrying that I may be out of my depth tomorrow, if he starts throwing questions at me about class inheritance and polymorphism etc.....


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    I'm going back a few years, however when I went for junior programming jobs I had a call to invite me for a face to face interview. The call itself was just "to get to know me" with a hint of "so tell me what you've done".

    The face to face interview was:
    1. Checking my qualifications.
    2. Going over the phone call and going into depth what I've done.
    3. The languages & methodologies that I had been trained in (and could actually do that that time).
    4. Then they gave me a small program spec, lead me to a PC and asked me to program it/create it.

    Granted this was about, or just over, 10 years ago so my info may not be up to date

    But hope this helps


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