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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Job Description in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi Guys, Had an interesting question today from a friend who works in a school in essex, he's basically the ...
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    Job Description

    Hi Guys,

    Had an interesting question today from a friend who works in a school in essex, he's basically the only IT guy on-site and runs the whole thing but only has the title of IT Technician...........he's more a Network Manager than a it techie............now can he approach his line manager\head and ask for his title to be changed.


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    If his job description doesn't == the job he does, yes he can... if it says IT Technician and has all of his jobs included within this... it's kind of what he signed up for. It depends whether a network manager job desc exists to compare against, we had a few issues with this too. Not an easy resolution with all the SLT meetings required...

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    It depends if he wants the payrise or a new band to go with it. I am in a similar situation but have been told that I cannot be a network manager as it carries budgetary responsibility and management which I dont have (spec and buy all the equipment, but still).

    I tend to call myself Network Manager when I am in the bigger of the two schools I work in which is a middle-deemed-secondary and goes up to year 8, no one in the school cares either way and it can be useful when talking to suppliers or other such people as they tend to think a mere 'IT technician' cannot possibly be the decision maker for IT at the school

    * After this and another similar thread, as well as it becoming very obvious that I am very poorly paid, I am going to ask HR for the various job descs for the levels of tech and see if I can get some sort of payrise
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    In order to justify a pay rise he would need list everything he does and compare it to his job description. If he is carrying out additional tasks or has additional responsibilities, he could use this to justify a pay rise. Also look at the how mush equipment the school has, if it has increased significantly from when he started at the school, it could work in his favour.

    Going to a new pay band is more difficult, as Witch has said, he would need to control a budget or manage another member of staff in order to justify it.

    He could ask to change his job title to more closely match his actual role. IT Network Manager will look a lot better on his CV, and give him a better chance of getting an interview for a higher paid role.

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