Network Manager at Skinners' Academy - TES Connect

Housed in brand new facilities, Skinners' Academy will be a unique academy that will serve the young people of Hackney and further a field. Opening in September 2010, we require a qualified and experienced Network Manager to join us in May 2010.

The successful candidate will be responsible for the strategic management of the development and maintenance of an efficient ICT infrastructure and technical service, including deployment of the Academy ICT Resources.

Skinners' Academy

Here you are guys, excellent job here! I used to work at the Skinner's School for Girls in Hackney, this Academy is replacing Skinner's School for Girls.

I've also worked with the old headteacher, Jenny Wilkins.........excellent person to work for, lovely person.

If I hadn't of started my new job last year would apply in seconds but im enjoying my job

very best of luck to who applies.