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Educational IT Jobs Thread, ICT Network Manager - Cheshire: Full Time: Permanent: £25,000.​00 - £30,000.​00 in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; ...
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    ICT Network Manager - Cheshire: Full Time: Permanent: £25,000.​00 - £30,000.​00

    From the advertising website:

    ICT Network Manager

    About the Job
    Post: ICT Network Manager

    Duties and responsibilites:

    Specific responsibilities include:

    • Line manage the schools ICT Support Staff
    • Management of the school’s curriculum and administration networks including Management Information Systems (MIS)
    • Identify, plan and cost all future developments and upgrades the school’s ICT infrastructure
    • Liaising with appropriate suppliers re: purchasing requirements and Licencing
    • Manage MIS applications and user accounts
    • Ensure data protection applications are current and within the requirements of the Act
    • Responsibility for back up systems and disaster contingencies as they affect the administration and curriculum networks
    • Advise the ICT Co-ordinator and SMT on the implementation of ICT policies and procedures
    • Provide in-house training as appropriate to ICT Support Staff
    • Arrange for the repair of hardware faults with outside agencies
    • Liaison with appropriate outside agencies where appropriate
    • Manage the installation of all new computer hardware including wireless, fibre optic, CAT5 networks and external projects, as required
    • Manage and implement the installation of all new computer software as required, enabling the delivery of ICT to all curriculum areas
    • Arrange annual inspection and safety testing of computer equipment
    • Manage the day-to-day maintenance of the school’s computer systems, including:
    • Network user database and password allocations
    • Management of internet filters
    • Responsibility for all planned ICT works and liaise with works and to liaise with external contractors
    • Manage appropriate technical support to curriculum and administration networks
    • Assist staff with ICT related problems
    • Responsibility for Maintaining the school’s computer inventory, insurance list and computer audit

    To undertake such other duties and responsibilities of an equivalent nature, as defined by line manager from time to time, subject to the proviso that normally any changes of a permanent nature shall be incorporated into the job description in specific terms.
    Link to the adversing site: Monster.Co.UK
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    ahhhhhhhhhh Cheshire! - looks like a lovely place, would love to get away from the London area!

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    Anyone any ideas which school this is?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanT View Post
    ahhhhhhhhhh Cheshire! - looks like a lovely place, would love to get away from the London area!

    Do it Cheshire is nice, London... well you know

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