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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Discussions about job adverts - Please Read in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Discussions about job adverts - Please Read After the recent threads in where job adverts have ended up in being ...
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    Discussions about job adverts - Please Read

    Discussions about job adverts - Please Read

    After the recent threads in where job adverts have ended up in being a lot of slagging off of pay scales, job descriptions and general nit-picking the mods have done some editing and explaining so I thought I would voice what had been discussed previously and give somewhere for people to exclaim about the jobs.

    A while ago, in an attempt to stop the often heated discussions about the adverts it was suggested that if you had something else to say about the job and the suitability / unsuitability then you could create a new thread (in the jobs forum though) and discuss the relative merits but allow the advert thread to be used be people with genuine queries.

    This met with acceptance amongst those that bothered to respond and no comment from those who had an issue with it (from what I remember) and so it was deemed custom and practice. For some reason (in spite of regulars making comment on it) having a go at adverts has cropped up again so it is not surprising that mods have responded to likely complaints and taken action.

    If I can put forward a suggestion of how to deal with adverts that you have an issue with ...

    1 - If the advert is possibly incorrect then put a note in the thread informing the OP that you have PMed them a possible inaccuracy and take the discussion out of public view. This is both professional but also kinder to the OP who may not be responsible for the mistake and have a heap of work to rectify it.

    2 - If you have an issue with the salary / scale then create a new thread (Witch has said in general chat, but if it is a rant I presume then Behind the Red Door ... up to Mods / Admins to decide really) and discuss in there. I suppose you could add link to the advert in this discussion but also PM the OP and give them a chance to defend things or at least clarify points.

    3 - Don't shoot the messenger. The OP is not likely to have set the scale / salary and might not have even got any control over the job description. Don't flame them for the poor decisions of others.

    4 - Remember that each school is different. Schools differ in their needs and the jobs. The location plays a factor too and when might be good pay or poor pay for you might not be so for someone else.

    I think that sums it up and if the Mods / Admins could decide whether these are good suggestions and then give guidance it would be appreciated ... it might save some of us going through Chill Pills at a terrible rate.

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    - Moved from other thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by mossj View Post
    * is wondering why you are not allowed to discuss job adverts constructivly in a job advert forum?
    Quote Originally Posted by EduTech View Post
    It's generally because every single advert that is being posted at the moment by people is just being stripped apart by people who like to moan about job adverts i.e. Salary, dutys etc

    we are trying to get more and more people to post jobs on these forums so that people can see them and apply but the minute someone does they get people moaning at the advert, at the end of the day thats the post that is being advertised yes sometimes people may look and thing that person/company is totally crazy for putting such and such but it would be better if you kept those kind of thoughts to yourself.

    This is not us having ago at everyone, we just dont want to see every advert turn into a thread of rants etc.

    Hope everyone understands.


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    FWIW, I believe we may have made our first edugeek recruitment... I am sure we'll find a way to show our appreciation at BETT!!

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    Agree entirely. Adverts are just that, adverts. Not forums to air the time-old views about how pay is bad etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by localzuk View Post
    Agree entirely. Adverts are just that, adverts. Not forums to air the time-old views about how pay is bad etc...
    Then why not put a classified system here and be done with it.

    When I see an advert I want to balance my opion and others instantly. I want to see all the discussions about pay/location/school/people all in one place, not search through the threads to find them (or use the similar threads function).

    This is a forum not a static page, when I post something I expect it to be discussed (negatively as well as positivly). The same rules should apply here. As it was the advert threads followed a clearly defined pattern "POST > Discussion" now you want it to just be "POST".

    99% of the adverts posted on here have an email address for questions, and don't use the forums for that sort of thing.

    p.s I'm not defending the people that just go "that pay is bad!!! FULL STOP"
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