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    Tough Interview Questions

    I have a interview coming and want to know what....

    Good knowledge of performance management frameworks and approaches?

    Good understanding of external assessment frameworks which impact on Children’s Social Care?


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    In terms of assessment frameworks affecting children's social case, you might want to look here:

    E-enablement of the Common Assessment Framework (CAF): National eCAF - Every Child Matters

    Some Googling of 'performance management framework' is all I can suggest for the former.

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    And, in terms of performance management...

    Most LA's seem to have a pretty set framework for this, you just follow it. Ours is fixed for all support staff in the County, pretty tight control over when/how it's done and also the kind of targets you can set.

    I'd suggest having a look to see what is already done where you're interviewing, or tell them about whatever system you currently work with (and what you would change about it...). Will have a look and see if I can find you any material from ours if it would be useful, annoyingly it all seems to be printed copies in the office!



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