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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Is this a NM role in disguise in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Someone forwarded me the following from where I used to work. This job was advertised after I left. Just wondered ...
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    Is this a NM role in disguise

    Someone forwarded me the following from where I used to work.

    This job was advertised after I left.

    Just wondered would you consider this a senior ICT role, considering there was only one other technician when I left.

    Job Purpose And Context
    The Senior ICT Technician is responsible for the service continuity and the effectiveness of ICT systems, which includes curriculum ICT and school management and administration ICT. The ICT service includes first line support to pupils and staff for ICT systems, equipment and applications on a day-to-day basis and the Senior Technician is responsible for ICT maintenance, health and safety and security. The Senior Technician may work with an ICT Technician, and if so, would be responsible for their day-to-day supervision

    Roles And Responsibilities
    1. To ensure first line help and support on a day-to day basis, which includes:
    responding to queries and requests from staff and pupils
    repairs, upgrades and the rectification of faults in equipment
    addressing systems and applications failure and malfunctions
    using the agreed systems and procedures of the school for prioritisation, recording and resolution. This responsibility will include, where applicable, allocating work to the ICT Technician and referring work to external suppliers and providers using agreed protocols.

    2. To install, set up, configure, test and record ICT equipment, systems and software.

    3. To plan and implement a programme of scheduled routine maintenance to equipment, systems and procedures that is agreed with the management of the school

    4. To plan and implement the regular ICT audit and maintenance of an up-to-date inventory using recording procedures agreed with the management of the school

    5. To take appropriate action to identify, evaluate and minimise any risks to health, safety and security in the immediate working environment

    6. To carry out risk assessments for the range of situations and activities arising from the of ICT in the school

    7. To develop, plan and implement an agreed, scheduled and recorded programme of safety checks on ICT equipment and materials

    8. To advise on and develop in the school best practice health and safety procedures in the use of ICT

    9. To develop, organise and implement agreed safety and security policy, systems and procedures covering:
    Information and data
    Equipment and materials
    Access to systems and networks

    10. To ensure the safe storage and security of ICT materials and consumables, their ordering and purchase in accordance with the financial procedures of the school and for ensuring that adequate supplies are maintained

    11. To ensure safe and secure receipt and delivery of ICT materials, equipment and consumables

    12. To use personal ICT skills to support the administrative requirements of the post

    13. (Where applicable) supervise the work of the ICT Technician on a day-to-day basis and participate in their induction, on-the-job training, and personal professional development

    14. Provide information and advice to the management of the school to assist strategic and long term planning, problem resolution and technical developments.

    15. To manage, organise and implement school ICT development projects.

    16. To work in accordance with the values, culture, ethos, equalities and inclusion policies of the school proactively promoting anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-discriminatory behaviours in the day-to-day operation of the job.

    17. To complete school based induction and any subsequent training required to improve performance.

    18. To take part in the school performance management system.

    1. The authority expects its employees to work flexibly within the framework of the duties and responsibilities specified above. This means that the postholder may be expected to carry out work that it not specified in the job description but which is within the remit of the duties and responsibilities.

    2. This is a new job description for a new post. It will be subject to review with the postholder after one year and may then be reviewed from time to time

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    What's the pay like?

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    Yes. There's a lot of responsibility in there, and I think it sounds more like a management post than a technician's. As a senior technician I'd expect to have some of that responsibility, but not in that big a dose.

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    22k tops. It's been filled, I worked up to an amount less than that when I was there, but that was with me been there for four years and asking for more.

    I decided that there was no Network Manager for a year and I was doing lots of stuff, so I left.

    Great for me to learn in that time, but that was it.

    Cheers gentlemen I was just beginnineg to wonder after seeing that. At least if other people think that and I was on less it makes me feel better about leaving when I am struggling to find work at the moment.
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    Some parts I would say yes, especially points 10 (the finance side, however it does not mention if you control your own budget or not), 15 & 18.


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    This looks near identical to the job description of our deputy network manager. I think some schools have a senior technician as opposed to a deputy network manager if that helps?

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