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    Very tentative enquiry but I have a school in North London who may be in the market soon for someone to manage their offline and online media/reprographics duties. Not just laminating, photocopying etc but also getting involved in web design/blogs etc. Photography and film work and production of pamphlets etc

    Have no more idea at the moment than that in termns of duties but if anyone works in this area or can recommend someone I'd be hugely grateful

    Both the school and I are unsure currently where to pitch the salary but its almost definitely above £20K

    Any idea's, example of roles in your school etc would be very helpful

    08701 612 007

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    My brother mite be interested in this.

    I will see if I can find his mobile number

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    This sounds right up my street could you drop me a pm if/when you decide to offer the position?

    Also in regards to the role I'm a IT tech that deals with the most of the technical media related duties at my current school, I'd be happy to give you a list of all the roles/duties I undertake that would most likely be relevant to this job, if you drop me a pm with your email address.

    P.S could you make a guess at when this position will be opening up? As I'm working on a brand new website for the school I work at currently with blogs and a multi-level user community etc, and I wouldn't want to drop it before its finished
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