Despite the impending financial doom and BSF our demand for sims and cmis software support staff is still very strong. Special Agent's ICT and MIS team support schools and colleges, local authority support teams and private MIS support companies including Capita and Serco Learning with both interim and permanent support staff. We have roles like MIS assistants, Data and MIS Managers, software support consultants and consultants who specialise in timetabling, assessment, exams etc

If you are considering a career in database and software support and have some experience with any schools MIS system please do get in touch. You might be quite suprised to know that some schools will happily pay up to £30-40,000 for an experienced data manager working with Exams officers, Assessment Co-Ordinators and timetablers

If you just wanna chat call me on 08701 612 007, I run the ICT and MIS team at Special Agent and have over 6 years experience recruiting into this very niche sector or email