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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Qualification for a Systems Engineer role in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Got offered a job as a Systems Engineer. Its great but trouble is, on my offer letter it says I ...
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    Qualification for a Systems Engineer role

    Got offered a job as a Systems Engineer.

    Its great but trouble is, on my offer letter it says I gotta provide proof of qualifications.

    For the life of me I cannot find them. Ive moved 3 times in the last six years since I graduated etc....

    Does anyone know of how to obtain copies? or what you think the effect would be of me just saying, 'I dont have them no more?'

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    I would think your old college/uni could help if you're a graduate, possibly the Exam board concerned for school based exams??

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    might be worth asking your exams officer what the procedure is for this if your in a secondary.

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    If you need proof of GCSE/A level or Vocational quals awarded by the four big boards, Edexcel, AQA, OCR or WJEC, and you have lost the original certificates you need to apply to the exam boards concerned.

    Easiest way is to go to the relevant web site and follow links for students/parents - there is usually a section explaining what to do with a downloadable form. The AQA one is at: AQA Certificates

    Most boards will not provide replacement certificates but will provide statements of results for employers. They charge a fee for the service.

    Your school/college will be unable to help because even if they have results on file (we are only obliged to keep stuff 7 years and certificates only for 1 year) some employers will not accept anything except an exam board document; they seem to have become much stricter about this generally in the last few years, esp public sector.

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