I saw this this evening:

Sector IT & Telecoms - Other IT & Telecoms
Salary: £18,228 - £21,118 per annum
Job Type: Permanent
Date: Just added
Applications: 0
Ref: 17030186

Responsible to the IT Manager
As part of your post you will have the following responsibilities:

1. To follow targets and objectives set out by the IT Manager.

2. To support teaching staff in software management and to assist in the classroom during lessons.

3. To administrate and provide on-site technical support to the curriculum network primarily and, within reason, to support the admin network and Bromcom registration system.

Tasks required on the curriculum network:
∑ to manage and maintain users, organisational groups and MS security policies;
∑ to support implementation of IT strategies set out by the Head of ICT and IT Manager;
∑ to support and develop computer hardware on the curriculum network and admin network when required. This will involve building, maintaining and upgrading PCs;
∑ to test/install and maintain software applications and operating systems on the curriculum network;
∑ to rebuild computer suites using Symantec Ghost.
∑ routine maintenance tasks to keep all hardware running.

4. To upload the school website when required.

5. Update inventories when new equipment is added and when existing hardware is moved.

6. To liaise with repair and maintenance contractors.

7. To advise and introduce new staff to the curriculum network.

8. To prepare, set up and check equipment such as Whiteboards and projectors.

9. Distribute user names and passwords to students.

10. Carry out other reasonable duties as required by the Headteacher and directed by the IT Manager.

11. To run the school's lunchtime and after school Computer Club.

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