WE are suddenly over run with technical support roles across East and North London. I have roles that are summer project support and require good general desktop support experience and some longer term Asssitant network manager posts and some permanent ICT network management and ICT technician support roles.

Salaries are varied depending on the client (either schools directly or company providing bsf support) and the nature of the job and the length of requirement, permanent salaries from 18-28K pa and contracts realistically around £10-15ph

Any knowledge of ranger, cc3, sims, vle's, etc would be hugely advantageous, we are able to crb people and, during the summer at least, work shadowing allows us to use non-crb people

Please get in touch, let us know you are there and what you require and a new position may be just around the corner

william@specialagent.co.uk 08701 612 007 or call the mobile 07775 857 021 this weekend and leave a message - Special Agent Needs YOU!!!