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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Informal contact before applying in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Every now then you see a job advert where they 'call so-and-so for an informal chat'. I am bit suspcious ...
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    Informal contact before applying

    Every now then you see a job advert where they 'call so-and-so for an informal chat'. I am bit suspcious as to why an employer may want to do this when they're going through the bother of a formal recruitment round.

    Is this a sneaky way of pre-screening candidates before the interview? Actually is there any obligation for employers to keep applications for a certain amount of time as evidence for audits? They can't use informal contacts as way of side-stepping a fair recruitment process?

    Should I put on a different voice when I call so that if I do make a complete muppet myself on this first contact, I won't be recognised during the real interview. Sure the interviewer will always be left guessing why Frank Sidebottom never handed in an application . He would be ideal for this job .. well apart from that funny voice

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    If you have nothing to hide, what's the issue?

    I always try to get a 1-to-1 visit before the interview - it allows me to brag more (as when people do it on the interview (on the tour bit) the interviewer has already heard it from me)

    2nd - It allows the employer to put a face to the name - so when they are flicking through the applications they come across mine, and know who I am already.

    My point? As I said at the top - if you have nothing to hide, why worry? Take it as an opportunity to brag about yourself.

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    I think it's an opportunity that works both ways; it lets the employer meet potential candidates before an interview, and it also lets you talk to your potential employers and decide if an interview is worth it from your point of view.

    Of course it can and probably will have an influence on whether you get selected for interview, but if you're the right person for the job anyway then it should be a positive influence. And contory to popular opinion, first impressions don't always count, I was 15mins late and managed to drop a cup of coffee before I'd even been asked a question at an interview, and I still got the job!

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