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Educational IT Jobs Thread, ICT Network Manager - West Yorkshire in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Job descriptions: Working for Calderdale: Calderdale Council...
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    ICT Network Manager - West Yorkshire

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    That does look tempting.

    I've seen the building from Norland Moor. I appreciate that as a new build they'll probably have the network set up properly (I can live with that ) - but I've already started thinking about how I could help having looked at their website - there are directions I've already taken at my school which I could apply to them straight away that would benefit them.

    It's a bit of a leap up from an ICT Technician, and I'm sure I'll be up against some strong competition from existing Network Managers, but in many respects I already do things that go into Network Manager territory.

    The problem is my loyalty to my existing school - there's a presentation on applying for Trust status tomorrow (quite fortuitous really) - that might be a deciding factor.

    Even if I decide not to apply I might email them to share some ideas with their existing ICT department. (I'd love to start build up a *local* support network with real people in the local area - I appreciate there's EduGeek for the wider UK, but it's not the same thing.)


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