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Educational IT Jobs Thread, ICT Technician - The Queen Katherine School in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Just a heads up that I will be recruiting for an ICT technician in the next week or so. The ...
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    ICT Technician - The Queen Katherine School

    Just a heads up that I will be recruiting for an ICT technician in the next week or so. The post would suit someone new to the game or more experienced (salary determined by experience etc).

    If you want more info on the school : QKS

    I'll post more detail on the post when I have finalised a few things but it's a straightforward 1st line techie - toners, filters, PC and laptop rebuilds and fixes, supporting feeder primary schools. Some courses available at Lancaster University (NASA, CASA etc) leading to foundation degree.

    Nice people in the school and very much appreciated by the majority.

    If you know you're way around a kettle so much the better.
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    oooh cheers for that, I've been hearing your praises sung far and wide by a few people of late so am interested to read more info on it when you put it up but I suspect it may be a bit of a low down job for me, I was aiming more at Senior Techy instead of new to the role But you never know

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