Rugby High School - Vacancies

Based on the outskirts of Rugby in Bilton, next to the A45. Closing date 25th April 2008.

The school is superb and a wonderful place to work. We have excellent ICT facilities, really nice pupils and a great staff keen on using and developing IT for education. We're looking for a commited and outstanding professional, who will maintain the levels of quality we are used to and can take our school forward in the future. We are one of (the only?) schools with minimal LEA involvement in our high-quality facilities. We have excellent partners supporting us.

This is a key position in our school and is recognised as such.

It's an ideal opportunity for an experienced person with the practical skill, solid knowledge and approachable personality to manage our network, the whole of the support department and the future of IT for our staff and pupils.

Feel free to email me with any questions:

Thanks for looking

Dave Cooper
Head of ICT