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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Is it different in an independent school? in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Infants 3.30, Juniors 4.30 except Wednesdays when its 3.45 for matches EDIT Late facilities and prep run until 5.30pm and ...
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    Infants 3.30, Juniors 4.30 except Wednesdays when its 3.45 for matches


    Late facilities and prep run until 5.30pm and computers must be available for that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickJones View Post
    @Andrew_C - the long working day question is surely more down to you being a boarding school than an independent?
    Yes, to be sure. Through the winter terms we teach:-

    Mon, Wed & Fri 9 to 1 and 4 to 6:15
    Tues & Thurs 9 to 1
    Saturday 8:45 to 12:30
    In the summer, the long days change to 2pm to 4:15.

    This odd period after lunch gives time for lots of sport in daylight hours.

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    independent schools

    Was interested to read this thread and have personnally found that ICT in independent schools sometimes has lagged behind the public sector, generally grades are much higher and less emphasis is put on ICT to help improve said grades

    However a lot of independent schools seem to be closing the gap. They are essentially commercial operations and if parents see ICT that is readily available in the state sector why shouldn't their kids have as good or better access. The budgets in the ICT teams are similar or sometimes worse than the state sector but there are many factors which mean that the cash go's further. Some state schools suffer from extensive damage or theft for instance

    I am actually looking for a Network Manager for a very succesful independent school at the moment so if you'd like to try managing a network in such a school in surrey/berkshire please do get in touch

    £30-40K william@specialagent.co.uk 08701 612 007

  4. Thanks to SpecialAgent from:

    powdarrmonkey (27th March 2008)

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    Thanks, but Berkshire's a bit far away for me at the moment.

    Cheers for all the input, really helpful

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    Hmm, looks a nice salary that Will, shame its a bit far south for me probably, although at present im of the attitude stuff them all I've had enough and would move to the moon for a decent job, but I'm probably not qualifed enough for that role anyway.

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