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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Help, Advice, Fancy taking somone under your wing? in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; its just making myself stand out enough to actully get to the interview stage! once in a interview. i feel ...
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    its just making myself stand out enough to actully get to the interview stage!

    once in a interview. i feel quite confident in knowing i will be able to prove myself and my eagerness to learn thing i don't currently know..

    a fact i forgot to mention was depending on wage in comparison with living costs in the regon, i am also able to relocate to anyway within the UK!

    infact with recent events in my life(my girlfriend walking out on me) i could think of nothing more better then a new start!

    i e-mailed william, and i think i will follow up the e-mail with a phone call in the afternoon tomorrow...

    keep the posts comming..

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    I got my first IT job in education straight out of college. All i had was a advanced GNVQ in IT. I started working for a large grammar school in Birmingham

    It wasn't a very well paid job and to begin with was only 2 days a week. There were 6 people being interviewed in total, 5 of them had university degrees in some sort of IT and then there was me, with no experience and just a GNVQ. I got the job because i was more enthusiastic than the rest and showed a willing to learn.

    I was getting paid about 5k for those 2 days a week, but after about a year i got offered a full time position and it wasn't the best salary but it was the experience i needed to move up. I was one of the 2 IT Technicians but i learnt a lot from that job.

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