I need a technician with good experience of SIMS server and data etc for an interim role in a Manchester area SIMS local support unit. It's to cover a role whilst the unit goes through re-organisation so it may turn into quite a long contract but will probably start of at 3 months.

here's the spec.....

Setting up pc's with a standard build and then installing SIMS and FMS so experience of installing SIMS etc is important

Taking out to site and copying data over from old server to new server where necessary
Adding workstations on the schools networks
Mapping drives / installing printers etc
Diagnosing hardware/connectivity problems
Rebuilding pc's if necessary
Supporting backup devices and remote backup software installed in some schools
Installing software as and when necessary
Any other technical type issues that may arise.

The work is mainly with primary Schools as the High Schools have their own technicians.

pm me or email william@specialagent.co.uk 08701 612 007