Hello All,

We currently have a temporary vacency for someone to help us set up a website for the chartiable foundation associated with the school:

Admin Staff | Current Vacancies | General Information - Knightsbridge School

Salary details are currently undecided, being listed as simply "market rate". This is intended to be a 6 week temporary job over the summer for someone like a student or recent graduate, and will probably be paid on a day-rate basis.

We need someone to produce the content for our new chartiable foundation website. We mainly need someone with good literacy, and who is going to be comfortable working from home to their own schedual. This will probably not require any kind of detailed technical skills, although a good basic familiarity with modern IT systems and social media platforms will be needed. The job will involve entering content on to a Wordpress-based (probably) website - the installation of Wordpress and the design of the website will be taken care of by someone else, this job is just for someone to be able to use Wordpress to enter content.

This is the kind of thing that should nicly suite a reasonably bright and capable sixth form leaver, if anyone knows a current pupil who will be looking for a job over the summer, or maybe someone on here fancies a bit of extra work over the summer. We are in central London (Knightsbridge), and the person hired is going to need to meet up with various people to discuss design and so forth, so we'll need someone who can physically get to central London.

Further details can be found from the link above, and feel free to ask any questions in this thread or via private message. I'll try and find out more details of the salary / amount of work available, too.