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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Looking for a Job in IT within the Education Sector in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi toths06, If you have a look at my thread I started few months ago, I was in a similar ...
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    Hi toths06,

    If you have a look at my thread I started few months ago, I was in a similar situation like you. Finished college with DMM, and went to work in a warehouse for 19 months. I'm currently doing an apprenticeship in a school and it's the best choice I have made.

    I agree with Elsigee ask schools if you can volunteer in their IT department. I asked schools in my area if there were any volunteering opportunities and the school I'm at, the Network Manager replied back to say they are advertising for an ICT Technician apprenticeship and gave me a website to a training provider to contact to apply for the apprenticeship. Also agree with @Dkeen94 with doing an apprenticeship gives you invaluable work experience, knowledge, amazing qualifications. I've already learnt stuff that I wouldn't have learnt through college. Doing an apprenticeship can also help you to build up the experience to become a network manager or higher. It's helping me to develop the skills to become an system administrator.

    These guys on this forum are amazing with showing you the different routes to get into IT. If it wasn't for these guys, I wouldn't know how to get into IT. There is also, one amazing women who is great with doing CV's and is great with interview tips and she is called @witch.
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    To Be honest,

    If your earning £8/h now you may struggle to achive that for a few years in Education I.T. as a junior tech. And the ongoing prospects are not great.

    Do your research and find out what the pay and conditions are like before going into Educatio I.T., and indeed any I.T. support role. It's not the highly paid career that eveyone outside belives.


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    Where are you based, there is an ICT Systems Administrator job in West Yorkshire.

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    How kind
    Do send me your CV (pm me for address) and I will happily have a look for you

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