Salary £42,670 - £51,590; closing date 31 March 2014

The job title is not terribly helpful! ASK Imperial is our branded version of Service Now (you can see the customer side of it here -

At its simplest, it's a helpdesk system but it's not simple and it does just about everything - it's the way we manage just about everything that passes through ICT (and the platform is also used by the Library, purchasing helpdesk, and student hub)

This is an important role - it's at the heart of our ICT service delivery - and you'll be working with a fairly broad range of issues (eg we've just linked the data from SCCM into ASK. This means that you can all up any computer in ASK and find out a whole range of data - who uses it, which network switch it plugs into, when it was last seen on-net, what software it has installed, its service history etc.

If you're interested in more details about the job please check the website - there's a fairly detailed job description and person spec - or you can email me ( for general queries.

Please note that I am not involved in the recruitment process for this job - if you want to apply then please follow the instructions on the website.