Hi all,

Firstly if I've broken rules I apologize in advance. I saw rules against posting remarks about salary, but nothing I could see mentioned about job seeking being a bad thing.

I'm based in the West Midlands (Walsall) currently working at one of the big Universities based in Birmingham (don't want to mention which one as don't want them finding out I'm looking for work!) as a desktop support tech after having moved from a school to gain ITIL experience, and I hoped to progress to an infrastructure role from there. Since I started I've gained a VMware VCA-DCV cert in my attempt to keep up to date on my skills on the infrastructure side, and a large amount of server, telephony and networking kit (purchased by myself, not through the Uni) to make sure I don't forget what I learned whilst I was at the school managing their Cisco kit.

I'm looking to leave the University to enter an infrastructure role, but also I would like to join a school or college (because I've only ever worked in Education) which is a little bit more close to home. Opportunities to role shift in my department are years away from coming to fruition as my colleagues have been waiting far longer than I have and I don't want to get in their way as they are decent people and I'd feel pretty awful if I ever got my line managers pointy finger of approval and took that opportunity away from them, but I'm pretty desperate to move as I'm losing my experience in managing infrastructure, and the longer I leave it the lesser the chance I'll get picked for interview when I submit my application form, especially if others have more recent experience.

Are there any employers or techs here that know of anything coming up in Staffordshire? Jobs.ac.uk has been dry for some time now and having lurked this board for some time now opportunities in my area are also a little thin on the ground I notice, and I'm checking the institutions I know of manually and receiving recruitment emails from others but absolutely nothing appears to be coming up.

Any direction would be well appreciated, and I hope to be able to repay the favour in some form some day.