Hello my name is Stijn, I am looking for the opportunity to complete and intership from September to January this year. Below is a little detail about me and the intership itself.

For the past two years I have worked at a leading company that supplies wireless internet throughout Western Europe (Skybites BV The Netherlands). It has enabled me to develop a broad set of skills ranging from Cisco setup and maintenance to multilingual technical support (Dutch-English-German).
From my studies I have experience with the following:

  • Java programming
  • Google web Toolkit
  • Android platform
  • Database Design
  • Joomla-Wordpress

My main aim is to complete my work placement at your company and gain vital experience in the IT business. I hope that during the course of my work placement, I will become a valued member of your staff that is both beneficial and productive for the company. I believe that your company can provide me this.

Since my accommodation will be around West-Birmingham, I am looking for a placement in this area.

Internship guidelines:

  • Mentor has a bachelor degree or higher
  • Student works on analysis, advice, design, integration or maintenance of software.
  • Student works within an IT environment or division of a company
  • Student needs to complete a project or participate in a project , this can be multiple small ones or 1 big one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.