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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Paid breaks/lunchbreaks? in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; I work part time in two schools which means that although I sometimes work for 6 hours straight, I am ...
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    Re: Paid breaks/lunchbreaks?

    I work part time in two schools which means that although I sometimes work for 6 hours straight, I am never in one place long enough to get a paid break!

    I always work the odd extra bit as we all do, but I did start to think about it when it was pointed out to me that if I did half an hour extra in a school that only pays me for 2 hours, this is an enormous percentage extra and really reduces my hourly rate.
    So now I am more aware of the time and try not to do too much over.

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    Re: Paid breaks/lunchbreaks?

    Well my school has just introduced timesheets for all T.A's and techies, i get doubly assmunched being both.
    If we work extra hours we have to take them off the timesheet to only fill our quota, but if we work less we're expected to lose the money or make them up.
    Seeing as I was docked a day last month I will now be seeking every ounce of overtime I do. 30 mins first day back - good start

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    Re: Paid breaks/lunchbreaks?

    Well, I went in today determined that I was only going to work my contracted hours - hmmpphh - coffe break? No chance. Lunch break? Ten minutes to eat a sandwich and for most of that I was on the phone. Oh, and I started work 20 minutes early and finished work 30 minutes later than I'm supposed to....

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