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East Midlands Broadband Consortium (EMBC) Thread, Website Hosting - Upgrades? in Regional Broadband Consortiums (RBC); hi willott - that mirrors what we see on our side, hundreds of html based sites with normal load and ...
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    hi willott - that mirrors what we see on our side, hundreds of html based sites with normal load and any individual webserver works fine, however it only takes a few PHP CMS sites with high load and we can see issues. We are looking at other options to address this, in the mean time ill find out about the sql servers for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gonzodad View Post
    andy_d - you could either be down due to the upgrade (and not knowing about it) or as grunmbledook says, if you are on web2 (which was swapped out due to a fault over Christmas). I take your point about the communications, i will check, but i think the only formal way embc and LA's can contact the school is via normal letter to the Head. I will see if we can augment that in the future by mining for email details from our servicedesk app for the last person to log a call on (in this example) webhosting, which should be typically someone like yourself. obviously its just an idea at this stage and could be shot down in flames at some point, but i will look into it.
    All sorted now, our sites now back up and running

    Yep, it was just an idea really, basically I think it would be good if we were simply sent an e-mail, even if it was just to say that a letter regarding "X" i.e webserver changes has been sent out to your headteacher.

    This way, at least we can check with the head to see if they have seen it, and if not chase up what has happened to it.

    I can understand the reason for communications only being done by letter to the head, but at least this way we would know about something that affects us as Network Managers & Technicians, rather than it being unknown so to speak.



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