Mainly for Northants members (this has also gone on the Ning site too)

afternoon all

After looking at some information on SIMS Equipment Register and feedback from a handful of you about what you record I have the following fields to consider as important fields in an asset library.

Please give feedback on this.

Description (seems to consist of make, model and basic specification), Equipment No (the school's own asset ID for the item, often something used with security labels), Serial Number (service tag, serial, etc ... the unique numer from teh manufacturer), Quantity (usually this is 1 for each item of hardware, but may be more if software licences, mice, etc), Unit cost, Room (or allocation to person or department), Category (computer, monitor, scanner, printer, software, body parts ... etc), Invoice Date (used for calculating the age and refresh policy), Disposal date (required for getting assets off the register), Reason (the reason for disposal and any further comments such as the company involved in disposing of items, etc)

I know there are many more that you are likely to hold but can people respond with what asset register they are using and if they can get the data out and into this format?