Hi folks ... this is a reminder to schools in Northants who have SLAs with, or work done by, Capita .ICT.

There is a Network Manager and techies' workshop / meet & greet on the morning of Thursday 28th September at the .ICT offices. This is the one that had to be rescheduled after the cancellation last term.

Some of it will be informational (technical roadmap of SIMS), some of it will be suggestive (how basic windows scripting can save you time ... with examples) and a good chunk of it will be discussion to get ideas about what people want to see at future meetings.

Letters were sent out at the start of the month to both the head anf the network manager of the school, but if you don't have one and still want to get please get in touch with Paul Mobbs (or anyone on the helpdesk) and ask for a letter / book a place.

These meetings are partly in leiu of the EduGeek Midlands conference (the second one this year is down in South Camden) but also to get more NMs and techies togeth in Northants.