I've been playing with setting up Outlook as an Exchange client, not pop/imap with EMBC's exchange server, and sharing inboxes and calendars for the admin teams

You can't view another user's calendar unless Delegate is enabled, which won't enable unless Error message when you try to add a delegate in Outlook 2003: "The Delegates settings were not saved correctly" is followed, which doesn't allow send-on-behalf-of. Apparently due to not having write permission to the AD global catalog.

Having to enter accounts\username and the password every time you start Outlook is really annoying, seems to be a side effect of forcing Basic Authentication, any hack around this?

Don't know if this is just a Microsoft problem, but is there any way to add a user to all email folders in a mailbox?, seems like I have to add them one at a time for them to appear automatically.

Is there a way to connect phones etc to the exchange server?