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e-Safety Thread, Summary of eSafety Live 12 - London in School Administration; Quite an interesting day really. The day started off with all delegate gathering in the exhibition / networking area and ...
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    Summary of eSafety Live 12 - London

    Quite an interesting day really.

    The day started off with all delegate gathering in the exhibition / networking area and we were welcomed by Will from SWGfL and Gareth Mitchell from BBC's Click setting out some of the expectations about the importance of eSafety and the complexity of it with the ever changing technology which is in schools and in homes.

    The day was a serious of workshops arranged in 4 strands : Classroom, Preparing Schools, Training Professionals and Industry. There were 3 sessions in each strand, running once in the morning and repeated in the afternoon, allowing for delegates to get to 6 of the 12 available sessions.

    Rather than put it all into the one thread I'll put up a thread for each session and stick in some of my own notes, or others can put their notes in first.

    The conference does also run again on Friday and I was going to wait until that had run as well but I don't think anyone else who is an EduGeek regular poster is going (correct me if I am wrong) so it would be good to start the discussions about sessions now.

    Firstly I would like to thank SWGfL, UK Safer Internet Centre, Childnet, Internet Watch Foundation and the sponsors (Micorosfot Xbox, Microsoft and Vodaphone) and the wonderful speakers.

    I attended the following sessions
    1B - Technology in School : The Legal landscape and the Police Perspective (Alan Earl - SWGfL, Penny Patterson - London Borough of Havering, Dominika Kupczyk - Speechly Bircham)
    2B - Putting the "ease" into E-Safety with the 360 degree safe self review tool (Ken Corish and Ron Richards - SWGfL)
    3B - Preparing for Inspection (Ken Corish and Ron Richards - SWGfL)

    Lunch (with more discussions with Stuart Wilkie and Alan Earl)

    4C - Protecting your Professional Identity (Ken Corish - SWGfL and Laura Higgins - SWGfL / UK Safer Internet Centre)
    5D - Facebook Safety & Security (Patricia Cartes and Rosa Birch - Facebook)
    6D - 'Playing It Safe' (Ollie Bray - Education Scotland)

    If anyone attended other sessions that I missed can you also log it in this thread and link it to the relevant discussion thread please.

    I will also run an archive of the #esl12 hashtag on twitter as that had a heck of a lot of good discussion on there too.

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    I attended:

    1a "Teaching Internet safety in Primary & secondary Schools" Pippa Green & Lindsay Bower (Childnet)

    2b: "Facebook safety and Security" Patricia Cartes & Rosa Birch (Facebook)

    3d: "Playing it safe" Ollie Bray (Education Scotland)

    Lunch with Kent e-Safety Officer, Becky Avery, discussing the possibilities of getting independents together on e-Safety training

    4c: "Protecting your professional identity" Ken Corish & Laura Higgins (SWGfL)

    5b: "Putting the 'ease' in E-Safety with the 360 degree safe tool" Ken Corish & Ron Richards (SWGfL)

    6a: "The CyberMentors Programme" Chap from Beatbullying whose name I forgot to write down
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    Thanks both for your notes. Looking forward to seeing more from @GrumbleDook. I've already published my notes on my blog.

    ESafety Live 2012 London « Irritable Tech

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