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e-Safety Thread, E-Safety Policy in School Administration; I've been tasked with making a start on a e-safety policy, does anyone know of any shared ones so i ...
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    E-Safety Policy

    I've been tasked with making a start on a e-safety policy, does anyone know of any shared ones so i don't have to reinvent the wheel?
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    have a read through this

    South West Grid for Learning Trust - Creating an E-Safety Policy

    various councils and learning sites have e safety templates you can use etc, this is just one example

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    Kent esafety policy template can be found here
    The template is about to be updated; I am part of the review panel and we meet at the end of the month to finalise it.

    There is also a link on the above page to the eSafety policy generator whose content will also be updated after the review. I will post links when the new template goes live.
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    Alan MacKenzie - @esafetyadviser - also has a model policy for free on his website...

    Free e-safety resources for your school

    Get as many interested parties involved as you can with this - I include the students here too. The people who the policy is there to protect need to know why it is there, and how it will help keep them safe. If they 'own' the document, they are more likely to work with it.

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