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e-Safety Thread, Using pupil's personal email in School Administration; Am I right in thinking that it is a bad idea for staff to send to a pupil's personal email ...
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    Using pupil's personal email

    Am I right in thinking that it is a bad idea for staff to send to a pupil's personal email address? It is lodged in my mind that it is recommended that school communication is done via school email addresses but can't now find nay recommendations that actually state this. Plenty about staff not using their own but not about pupils.

    Has my mind got muddled and over cautious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechMonkey View Post
    Has my mind got muddled and over cautious?
    Possibly. But, I still wouldn't do it.

    There SHOULD be slightly more protection for staff if it goes from a staff work account to a student personal account though. [records of what was sent and the like]

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    I agree with @X-13, I would suggest any e-mails between students and staff is always best done over school e-mails as there is a record of what is sent and you never know how parents will react if it is to a personnal e-mail address, though it may be better not e-mailing them as individuals.
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    This sort of thing should be in the school's internet policy and the teachers AUP
    If I were you I would flag it up as a question to SLT so that they are aware it is going on and can issue guidelines etc

    Various teaching unions and the general teaching council of Scotland do state that personal emails - both teacher and pupil - should not be used

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