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e-Safety Thread, Internet monitoring tools in School Administration; I have recently discovered that the monitoring of Internet usage I thought was provided by our LA ISP is not ...
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    Internet monitoring tools

    I have recently discovered that the monitoring of Internet usage I thought was provided by our LA ISP is not as useful as I thought. This has led me to look at providing our own Internet monitoring system. Has anyone got any recommendations in this field? Ideally I would be able to log usage across a number of platforms including windows 7, Mac and IOS devices. If it means users have to log on to a service to provide user data rather than ip based details, I think I could get senior leadership to agree to this. Ideally, it would be linked to AD but not mandatory as we haven't sorted the iPad link to AD quite yet.

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    Your users would need to be identified and the only way to do this is if they authenticate against a service in your control linked to your gateway device, proxy and/or your AD.
    Not as easy as one might think at first especially with BYOD and guests. At best you can expect to log anonymous users by MAC address along with source and destination addresses and URL details.
    Most decent firewalls do this by default.

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