Gmvault is a user friendly command-line tool for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that enables you to quickly sync (backup) your Gmail account to disk or restore it (either to the same account or a different one).

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  • Backup all your e-mails on disk
    Use the full sync mode to backup your entire gmail account in a unique directory. Your e-mail backup repository can then be easily tar and moved from one machine to the other.

  • Handle all Gmail IMAP hiccups
    Even being the world best ever email service, Gmail and especially its IMAP service is not without bugs. Gmvault handles all these issues to provide the smoothest experience to the user. Gmvault deals with the most common issues and always let the user with an uncorrupted e-mail database.

  • Available on the 3 main platforms
    Shell/batch client available on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. A tailored installation has been created for Windows to allow a smooth installation for non-geek users.

  • Update your backup db in mins
    Gmvault can run a quick sync mode regularly (i.e. every day) to maintain your email backup repository up to date.

  • Can encrypt your saved e-mails
    All the e-mails saved in your e-mail repository can be protected with encryption. With this feature, you can put your backup e-mails on a cloud storage while protecting your information.

  • Filesystem as a database
    No databases (SQL or NoSQL) are used to organise the e-mails storage. This makes all e-mails easily accessible and moveable. In addition manually deleting e-mails or e-mails' directories does not prevent Gmvault from working.

  • Restore e-mails in any Gmail account
    With the restore command Gmvault can recreate your gmail mailboxes in any Gmail account. All attributes such as Gmail labels are preserved and recreated. With restore, you will recover your Gmail account exactly as it was.

  • For geek and non-geek users
    Gmvault has been designed with users in mind and is stuffed with the most common defaults to work directly out of the box. In addition, a detailed tutorial and installation guide allow all types of users to make the most of Gmvault in seconds.

  • Highly customisable
    With Gmvault, users can choose an e-mail search request to pick-up a restricted set of e-mails to backup. The search request can use the IMAP or the GMail search dialect.