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Downloads Thread, Arposh New User Creation Tool for Active Directory in Links, Downloads and Scripts; A PowerShell-based alternative to WiseSoft's Bulk AD Users tool. Homepage / Download One task that every systems administrator has to ...
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    Arposh New User Creation Tool for Active Directory

    A PowerShell-based alternative to WiseSoft's Bulk AD Users tool.

    Homepage / Download

    One task that every systems administrator has to go through at some point is the creation of new user accounts. PowerShell makes this process simple and adds additional functionality. The included XML file allows you to set default entries for fields and pre-populate dropdown lists. The GUI takes the information that you type in for First Name and Last Name to auto-generate the Display Name, sAMAccountName and userPrincipalName (or you can change them manually). And because the GUI uses the Microsoft-provided ActiveDirectory module, there is no extra software to download or syntax to learn.

    You also have the ability of bulk-adding users via CSV. To create users from a CSV, click on File > CSV Mode. You can then import the CSV and browse through the users in the CSV. Once the CSV is imported, you can create one user at a time or all at once. If you want a CSV template created for you, click on File > Create CSV Template.
    • Allows user creation with oft-used Active Directory attributes
    • Bulk creation of users from CSV
    • Auto-generation of account attributes based on other attributes
      • Display Name
      • samAccountName
      • userPrincipalName

    • Default entries
      • Domain
      • OU
      • Phone Number (can use full number or company prefix '212-555-')
      • Department
      • Company
      • Description
      • Password (Accounts are set to change at first logon)
      • Site (HQ, Branch Office 1, etc)
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State
      • Postal Code

    • Pre-populated fields for easy selection
      • Address information
      • Domains
      • OUs
      • Descriptions
      • Departments

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    It's... just... EXACTLY what I'm looking for right this moment!


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    Looks good, anybody got any hints or tips before I start to have a play ?

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    Hey Guys,

    Here is tool that does similar job but also supports Exchange, Lync and Salesforce. Bulk user creation isnt included though. Seems like a perfect tool on onboarding and offboarding employees.


    Active Directory User Creation Tool

    Z-Hire automates the IT user account creation process for Exchange mailbox, and Active Directory and Lync accounts. With just a click of the button, your Exchange mailbox, and Active directory user, Lync account and SalesForce User account will be created simultaneousy. Z-Hire serves as the platform for new hire accounts by allowing auto-creation of major IT accounts with the option for custom scripts. Z-hire will decrease your account deployment time by 600%, without the need for complicated and expensive identity management solutions. This tool makes creating Active Directory users a breeze. Some of the features include:
    - Environment Auto discovery (AD/Exchange/Lync/SalesForce)
    - Support for Active Directory user, Exchange, Lync 2010 and SalesForce user accounts
    - Template based deployment (allows consistency for all user accounts)
    - Active Directory user creation with major attributes
    - Active Directory group selection
    - Active Directory user duplicate SamAccountName detection - Lync 2010 user account creation supporting all policies
    - SalesForce user account creation supporting all attributes
    - Faster performance (compared to previous version)
    - Best of all, this AD User Creation Tool is free!

    Supported Environments / IT systems
    - Active Directory (all versions)
    - Exchange 2007 (all versions)
    - Exchange 2010 (all versions)
    - Lync 2010 (both Standard and Enterprise versions)
    - Office 365 Cloud
    - SalesForce Cloud

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