Link: The Wonderful Book of Doctor Who 1965


THE WONDERFUL BOOK OF DOCTOR WHO 1965 was written and produced by PAUL SMITH based on original designs by PAUL LANG and was illustrated by JOE CANNON and PAUL SMITHThe contents of this book are entirely fabricated and should not be believed, not even the bits that say they are facts. All quotes by persons living or dead are not genuine and are intended for entertainment purposes only. They should not be taken as suggesting or reflecting the opinions then or since of anyone named in this book or connected with the production of Doctor Who at any time, or even of the author of this book.

This book is produced as an homage to The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who 2011 edited by Clayton Hickman. It is for personal amusement and consumption only, and must not be commercially exploited in any way or form. All images are copyright their original owners and no breach of their rights is intended.

Doctor Who and TARDIS are trademarks of the British Broadcasting Corporation. Doctor Who logo copyright © BBC 1963. Script extracts copyright © their respective authors