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Downloads Thread, SARDU multiboot USB in Links, Downloads and Scripts; Did a quick search, and couldn't find any mention of this utility. I've been meaning to build a "big bootable ...
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    SARDU multiboot USB

    Did a quick search, and couldn't find any mention of this utility. I've been meaning to build a "big bootable USB stick" for ages; I've been using PE2USB to create a UBCD4WIN stick, but wanted a few other programs (especially a partitioning one and a cloning one). Anyway, all the ways of doing it looked too complicated for me, but this one seems to be a lot easier!

    SARDU has 4 categories: A/V, Utilities (Cloning, Partioning etc), Linux and Windows PE. You can provide your own ISOs (may need to rename them) or it will d/l them for you (in some cases) or take you to an appropriate site for you to d/l (in others). Then it will create a bootable USB/DVD/CD (obviously the more space you have, the more you can bung on there). Took a while on my system, but the USB ports seemed to be on a go slow that day. Seems fine in my limited testing so far.

    Just noticed that the latest version allows you to install various flavours of Windows from USB so I'll be redoing my key this week! Hope someone finds this useful.

    Doh! This should probably be in "Downloads"! Could a friendly Mod move it?
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    Just found this too, great way to build a rescue USB

    EDIT: at least it would be if I could get it to work...
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