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The page is in German so having used Google Translate we have:

Updated: English language version now available with GUI v2.0!

"CapsLock Goodbye" allows remapping Caps Lock key function. Whom it has always annoyed to have switched on by mistake while writing the capitalization setting, will find this program his rest. Owners of older keyboards without the Windows special keys also have the option of one of these buttons (Windows or application button) on the Caps Lock key to simulate.

Optionally, the functions for the Insert and Scroll Lock key to be changed.

The program is freeware and runs under Win32 systems from Windows 2000. Earlier versions of Windows do not have the function applied to the key remapping. A word about technique: it is not installed a driver or background program, but changed only by MS for the intended registry. To run the program Administrator privileges. No installation is required - simply just run the file.
Download link: Caps Lock Goodbye [Presented as a ZIP file]