VidCoder is a DVD ripping and video transcoding application for Windows. It uses HandBrake as its encoding engine. Calling directly into the HandBrake library gives it a richer UI than the official HandBrake Windows GUI.

Source / Download (.Net Framework v4 needs to be installed too)

As far as the encoding goes, it's full-featured: It's got all audio, video and container formats, filters, advanced x264 options, subtitles and chapters.

However it goes beyond the standard HandBrake GUI in some areas. I've been able to call directly into the HandBrake core libraries, rather than wrap the CLI as the current Windows client does. The result is I get instant static previews of the source material, just like in the Mac version. The preview instantly reflects changes in resolution, pixel aspect ratio and cropping. Other advantages include the ability to pause and resume an encode and the removal of those pesky console window popups at the start of every job.

* Multi-threaded
* MP4, MKV containers
* H.264, MPEG-4, Theora video
* AAC, MP3, Vorbis, AC3 passthrough audio
* Target bitrate, size or quality for video
* 2-pass encoding
* Multi-angle support
* Decomb, detelecine, deinterlace filters
* Batch encoding
* Instant source previews
* Creates small encoded preview clips
* Pause, resume encoding