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Downloads Thread, Login Without Using Keyboard Or Mouse: Luxand Blink! in Links, Downloads and Scripts; Luxand Blink is a free software that lets you login to your PC by using Webcam and Facial Recognition. This ...
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    Login Without Using Keyboard Or Mouse: Luxand Blink!

    Luxand Blink is a free software that lets you login to your PC by using Webcam and Facial Recognition.
    This adds an extra layer of security to your computer and a more secure way of logging into your system. Some may be inclined to call it a bit of a novelty product, but for many it is a viable, efficient, and secure way of logging into the system. This is especially useful on those computers that do not have advance login features, like Fingerprint recognition.
    We do not use webcams here and even if we did I don't think it would be recommended for network logons.

    However I suppose that someone will find it of interest?

    Link: Luxand - Blink! - Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!

    Edit: Supported OS: Windows Vista and Seven 32bit only.
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    I've got something like this on my new laptop. After the first few tries it'd pick me up each time without hesitation, which was convenient. If I stand up the system locks, and switches to another user when they sit down.

    However I really wouldn't think it'd be appropriate in any situation where security is required. I use it purely for convenience. The system is very easily fooled with a photograph.

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    Could be a fun little toy to have, but I'm not sure how it would work in enterprise. If all it does when you walk away is "switch user" for the next person, you'd end up with computers with 10+ accounts running by the end of the day.

    I can see uses in Primary, where children struggle to remember and type their username and password.

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