Chemitorium is a free organic chemistry analysis and visualization tool that lets you can draw chemical formulas and then generates a 3D view of the structure of the molecule, with the ability to export the results as image or video files.

The programís interface consist of a table of elements which you can click to select and add to the drawing board below. Atoms can be joined by right-clicking and dragging to connect. You can add extra electrons to an atom or remove charges from it. Once you are done, click on the Ď3D Viewí button to generate a 3-dimensional view of the molecule.

You will require more than a basic understanding on chemistry to use Chemitorium correctly. You canít simply write a chemical formula and expect the program to magically generate the correct molecule structure. You have to know how the atoms are connected to one another in a molecule.

Chemitorium does have its limitations: It will generate a 3D view of a molecule even if such a structure is unstable and cannot exist in nature. Even so itís a handy program for students.

Link: Chemitorium - Official website