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Downloads Thread, NTFS Undelete: Recover Deleted Files in Links, Downloads and Scripts; NTFS Undelete is free and open source software that allows you to recover deleted files. It recovers files directly from ...
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    NTFS Undelete: Recover Deleted Files

    NTFS Undelete is free and open source software that allows you to recover deleted files. It recovers files directly from hard drive, and it will work even if you empty Recycle Bin.

    Before downloading NTFS Undelete, please consider the following:

    When you delete a file, its content physically remains intact on the media, but the occupied space becomes marked as free. Next file saved to the disk may overwrite the contents of the deleted file.

    It is very important to make sure that no application writes to the drive or partition where deleted file is located since every new file (even a small one) may overwrite the deleted file.

    Tips. What you should do, when you realized that the file you need is deleted:

    Do not open or close files and applications.

    Many applications create temporary files which may overwrite and corrupt your deleted files.

    Depending on your system configuration, you should perform one of the following actions:

    If deleted files were located on the system disk (usually disk "C:"), or if you have only one logical disk in the system, you should not install any software into the system since it will most likely overwrite your deleted file.

    We provide an ISO image with NTFS Undelete. You will have to use another computer to burn that image to a CD or DVD. Then just run NTFS Undelete directly from CD.

    If your deleted files are not located on the system disk, then you can use NTFS Undelete Windows Installer to install the software as usual.

    Run NTFS Undelete application and locate deleted file you'd like to restore.

    Always recover files to another disk or partition. Do not recover files to the same partition they were located, otherwise files you are recovering may get corrupted and unrecoverable.

    That's it, now you have your files back!

    I will experiment with it tomorrow. I tried it with a Windows 7 laptop at home. Looked good. I had no secondary partition or second HDD to restore the deleted files to so I could not fully test the restore.

    Link: NTFS Undelete — free, easy to use undelete software

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    somabc (16th February 2010)

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    Linked from the same site is Partition Find and Mount — free partition recovery software

    Partition Find & Mount implements a new concept of deleted or lost partition recovery. It works in the most convenient way possible — by locating and mounting partitions into the system, thus making those lost partitions available to you like any generic disk volume. Partition Find & Mount will also work in case any Boot Record (including the Master Boot Record) is missing, damaged or overwritten.

    Should be useful for the student who came in to the office at 6pm today saying they had to submit coursework from their broken USB HD tomorrow

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