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Downloads Thread, Freeware: Swap Mouse Button in Links, Downloads and Scripts; I have been looking for a way to allow users [who are left handed] to swap mouse buttons without giving ...
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    Freeware: Swap Mouse Button

    I have been looking for a way to allow users [who are left handed] to swap mouse buttons without giving them access to Control Panel applets. We had a way of doing this on our old network but:

    1. That was an RM network: We have gone through another provider and now we have a vanilla network

    2. It was so long ago that we last used that tool I can't remember what it was called.

    So next week I am going to try 'Swap Mouse Button'

    Swap Mouse Buttons is a free to use program which allows you to swap the mouse buttons left and right very quickly, so you can change the mouse mode from right handed to left handed and vice versa very quickly with this tool.

    Link and download: Download Swap Mouse Button 1.0 Build 100 - Will allow you to swap mouse buttons - Softpedia

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    RUNDLL32 USER32.DLL,SwapMouseButton
    If you use XP - been using it for years.

    RUNDLL32 SHELL32.DLL,Control_RunDLL MAIN.CPL,@0,1
    May bring up the mouse controls.

    However both of my sons are left handed and I have never touched or changed the mouse buttons and they are fine with it - in fact both of them actually use their right hand when using a computer mouse. I was ambidextrous for a long time [ according to my parents ] when I was growing up so maybe, just maybe a little bit of that is in them.
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